This is my fitness journey ! I'm a full qualified pt and group fitness instructor who just got caught up in making everyone else fit and healthy but neglected to look after myself!

After I had my son I suffered post natal depression got down to 45 kgs from stress and nerves and I looked very sick far too skinny and not healthy at all! Once I was medicated that's when my weight just piled on ! I put on 25 kgs and felt awful. 

My journey started last year ! I decided enough was enough and I needed my body back and I needed to be in control of how I felt about myself and most importantly I needed to set a good example for my children. I haven't looked back, it's been hard I won't lie , I had my good days but I had my bad days where I'd cry and want to scream but I wasn't about to give up on my goals. Exercise and good nutrition is a massive part of my life now and there's no turning back for me! 

I have put myself first to some extent and dedicated a lot of my time to become a fitter and healthier version of myself! I'm proud of my efforts and it's still not over for me yet ! I have lots more left in the tank and will keep on smashing my goals whatever they may be 

Thankyou for taking the time to watch and read my journey - OPA!

Liza xx