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Believe in Yourself and Everything Falls into Place

Learn to love yourself and find the power within you to achieve those goals you think you can’t reach!
Start by listing your past accomplishments, training your mind to say ‘I can do this’ and talk to people that love you. Take on new challenges and keep learning! Remember the mind is a powerful tool so use it to your advantage and be the best you can! Set those goals today and get to the top of the hill! 

Afrodhite xx

Oakleigh Glendi 2018 in Melbourne

Valerie and Poppy team up with Melbourne instructors to showcase OPACIZE™ at Oakleigh Glendi 2018.
The Glendi is a two day program presented by the Greek Orthodox Community of Oakleigh and celebrates the Patron Saints of Sts Anargiri, showcases the local community’s rich Hellenic culture as well as other cultural identities, and commemorates the official Greek National Day known as ‘Ohi’.


I had the pleasure in being part of OPACIZE SENIORZ®️ at the Earlwood Greek Orthodox Community Centre & It was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. The joy that we add to our Greek elders as we dance with them & entertain them & to see their faces light up as they sing & clap along - I really enjoyed it & I can't wait to do it again. 

My new CLEAN EATING lifestyle

I have been on a new clean eating program the last 2 months that has worked for me, I feel so well, my joints are hurting much less than they once did  & I feel very alive and energetic. It focuses on gut health, however you will loose weight if you follow it correctly.

I am happy to say I have lost 12kgs to date & still going DOWN as I am not stoping - I have made this mine and my families lifestyle now.

Here are a few of my recipes plus my tips on how to keep it both clean and satisfying ... it's very doable! 

Importance of Good Posture

Hi everyone. I have been studying hard for the last 6 weeks and this has meant I was sitting in the same position for too long. I also do look at my iPhone a lot as I enjoy watching YouTube tutorials, however this has compromised my posture greatly. The other morning I woke up in a great deal of pain, my neck felt stiff and very sore. My mum took me to our chiropractor Dr Michael Sideris for treatment. 

Quick Simple Snack Ideas

A well balanced snack helps keep your blood sugars levels high throughout the day. I find that I tend to have my snacks three hours after each meal. Important to spread out your snacks in between your meals and have it well balanced throughout the day.

My go to snacks are : apple, plum, carrots, little handful of walnuts which are high in protein, Greek yogurt with drizzle of honey and dried toast like cracker with spread of goat cheese and little drizzle of parsley. Enjoy! 

Julie x




Hello everyone, I wanted to talk about breakfast and share with you a healthy yummy breakfast. 

First let’s talk about breakfast. Breakfast is indeed a very important meal. A lot of us usually skip breakfast because we have no time but we shouldn’t. A good breakfast fuels you up and gets you ready for the day. In general, people who eat breakfast have more energy, to do better and eat healthier throughout the day. Without breakfast, people can get irritable, restless, and tired.

My go to breakfast is

Broccoli & Feta Omelet with Toast


This is my fitness journey ! I'm a full qualified pt and group fitness instructor who just got caught up in making everyone else fit and healthy but neglected to look after myself!

After I had my son I suffered post natal depression got down to 45 kgs from stress and nerves and I looked very sick far too skinny and not healthy at all! Once I was medicated that's when my weight just piled on ! I put on 25 kgs and felt awful. 

Weight Loss Tips

Many of our OPACIZE™ participants are on a weight loss journey. One of our Melbourne instructors Effie shares with us some of her tips from her own journey which has seen her lose 27kgs so far.

Tips include being held accountable, having a buddy, food intake, exercise, fluids and bad days. 

"For me it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change. Wishing you all the best on your weight loss journey
Effie xo"


Show me a Greek person who doesn't like loukoumades & I will guarantee you THEY ARE NOT GREEK!!! Who can resist a honey soaked doughnut ball with lashings of cinnamon and walnuts ...SCRUMPTIOUS INDULGENT GREEK DESERT!! 

I have found a way of enjoying the taste of a Loukoumatha minus the calories - keeping it clean and healthy yet very indulgent!!!! If you close your eyes you will think it is a crunchy one indeed!!