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Our OPACIZE Community celebrated Xmas & the end of 2019 with a Sydney Harbour cruise + a Xmas dinner after party @ Cooh Restaurant Sydney.  We had Instructors and members from all over Australia, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne & Brisbane + we untied with Sydney ZUMBA Community. We finished with an OPA BLAST!!! 

We are now closing our OPACIZE door on 2019 & before we do, I want to thank you for your love and support & let you know I am so excited about OPACIZE 2020.  


Christmas is my favourite time of year. Some have a White Christmas others have summer and hot days. It's a special time where we all come together. I thought what better way than our global instructors coming together to wish us all a Merry Christmas! A great snapshot of just how diverse we are & how far around the globe we go!

Merry OPA XMAS everyone! 

Love Sophia P xx

Rise and Shine - Morning OPACIZE FUN !

Team Perth by Athina & Rose run one of the only morning OPACIZE classes in the world & it is so fun and loaded with energy.  The class starts at 8.30am & finishes 9.30am every Saturday morning at Alexander the Great club Inglewood.  The ladies arrive full of smiles, passion and energy.  

I had the pleasure of chatting with our instructors and members about how they enjoy their OPACIZE mornings. 

BRAVO Athina & Rose 

Thank you Perth for having me xx

BORN TO BAKE Greek Bakery

I visit this bakery twice a week to pick up all my parents + my family's favourite Greek delights.  We love their spanakopita & their kreyatopita + their galatobouriko is THE YUMMIEST we have tasted.   Like most of us nowadays, I'm so time poor juggling my own family, work and the full time care of our elderly parents, I find it easier to pop in and buy all that they once made themselves and keep them connected to their Greek life.  

"Born To Bake" is located in Sydney on Gardeners Road Eastlakes - well priced & so fresh and DELISH.. you gotta try it !! 


Poppy Comino is the founder of "Voice Events"  -  I caught up with her to find out more & chat about this new event.

VOICE EVENTS is a platform Poppy created to help inspire and empower women by giving them a safe place to discuss topics of concern and to help find solutions and assistance to all who need it. VOICE is creating friendships and healing to many in Brisbane & it will be traveling to Sydney & Melbourne soon, with a future scope of visiting New York. 


Welcome to my demo in Hamilton Toronto. 

I am the Canadian Ambassador for OPACIZE & I love spreading our program near and far.  My team here in Ontario has grown & we enjoy getting together on weekends to share the OPA fun with our community. It’s a nice way to inspire people to get out & move as we connect and dance ourselves happy and fit + it is a great way to promote our classes and bring new members our way. 

Happy weekend to you all !

Julie xx

GUT HEALTH with Kathy Kalogiannis


I was introduced to an alternative way of living by focusing on Gut Health. Naturally I was sceptical but I was intrigued by Gut Health so I was willing to give this a go.

I personally lost 25 kilos in 3 months and have maintained since November 2016. I found what works for me and am grateful for Gut Health an overall Lifestyle Way of living.

For more info email me on 

Thank you  : ) 



Believe in Yourself and Everything Falls into Place

Learn to love yourself and find the power within you to achieve those goals you think you can’t reach!
Start by listing your past accomplishments, training your mind to say ‘I can do this’ and talk to people that love you. Take on new challenges and keep learning! Remember the mind is a powerful tool so use it to your advantage and be the best you can! Set those goals today and get to the top of the hill! 

Afrodhite xx

Oakleigh Glendi 2018 in Melbourne

Valerie and Poppy team up with Melbourne instructors to showcase OPACIZE™ at Oakleigh Glendi 2018.
The Glendi is a two day program presented by the Greek Orthodox Community of Oakleigh and celebrates the Patron Saints of Sts Anargiri, showcases the local community’s rich Hellenic culture as well as other cultural identities, and commemorates the official Greek National Day known as ‘Ohi’.


I had the pleasure in being part of OPACIZE SENIORZ®️ at the Earlwood Greek Orthodox Community Centre & It was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. The joy that we add to our Greek elders as we dance with them & entertain them & to see their faces light up as they sing & clap along - I really enjoyed it & I can't wait to do it again.