DVD 3 Was filmed in a Sydney studio. 

OPACIZE is the first global structured Greek Dance Fitness Program - we combine Greek music, rhythms and movements with aerobic fitness variations that disguise the hard work, so you won't realise how hard you are actually working out. You will burn between 500 - 1000 calories per hour with our program depending on how high or low impact you work. 

For a safe workout, we recommend that you work at your own fitness level. Wear comfortable workout wear and sneakers - keep a towel and a bottle of water handy as you will get hot, sweaty and thirsty. Enjoy dancing with us from the comfort of your own home. Dance with your friends or dance alone, get moving and have a BLAST with us as you dance yourself fit, healthy and happy. 

We have classes worldwide - Australia - New Zealand - Canada - United States - United Kingdom - Switzerland- Germany - Cyprus - Greece - Japan and growing daily. To find a class nearest you or to become a licensed instructor and start teaching our Program in your area/country, please visit us online www.opacize.com - get social and follow us on a Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 

$15.00 AUD