Here is what you should know about our offer... 

We normally charge $180 for registration which I'm very happy to reduce to $50 AUD as we really are interested in expanding in & the $50 will literally pay for your own personal Training Specialist to work with you via our online 7 day workshop. You will receive 7 days to complete your training. 

Our online training is easy to follow & complete. Should you decide to proceed & once you pay &50 AUD, I will get you onto our trainee dashboard where you will read our online manuals & you will also be added to our Facebook workshop group which is where we will schedule a time and day for your live training by one of our 3 Program Trainers. 
During training they will run through all our manuals & teach you all required to start your own class.  Our trainer is available for 7 days to you & we encourage you to ask questions - they are there to help you.  Once completed, you will be asked to complete
- STEP 1 theory - you will need to answer 20 easy questions 
- STEP 2 practical - you will be taught an easy routine and you are required to learn & memorise it & can take a clip of yourself dancing it and upload in section provided - this will give me an idea of how well you pick up choreography & what support, if any, you may need.

- Live workshop > you receive 7 days  to complete your training - it is very easy to do, follow & complete - failure to complete will result in your application being declined. 

Our routines are all simple and easy to learn & with practice I'm confident you will breeze through them all. We provide you with routines/choreography/some music and as you improve you have the option to add your own choreography to the mix.

Once you get past the "trainee" section you will then go onto our instructor network & our social media "instructor only group" where all our instructors meet daily to chat and support each other. We have are 100 instructors worldwide and growing. 

Once you complete training, you are a licensed instructor & there will be a monthly $25 AUD maintenance fee, this I am unable to waive - you will receive a lot of support from Head Office & it's all listed online "become an instructor"
Please take the time to read "about us" section & also please have a look through our website. 

If  you are interested & you decide to proceed and I will add you to our trainee dashboard & we can proceed. 

Thank you,

$50.00 AUD