I believe that we work hard each week rushing around like crazy people juggling and multitasking to get our jobs done. We workout hard weekly and try to be the healthiest and fittest version of ourselves, eating clean and lean Monday - Friday and then once the weekend hits we let our hair down a little and indulge. For me Friday mornings are the best as they kind of feel like Xmas to me...only one more sleep and weekend is upon us - R&R TIME!!!!

Friday's I finish off all my loose ends (work wise) so I can complete my week and get ready for FREE TIME!! I race around excitedly completing my weeks work and once it's all done I drive straight over to my favourite team of hairdressers, Knotz Hair at 379 Garderners Rd Rosebery (Sydney).  I believe we need to reward ourselves with LOVE and indulgence on Fridays as we have earned it. Treating yourself with indulgence doesn't mean go out and eat all the unhealthy foods available, I'm talking about manicure/pedicure, wash and blow dry, massage... That type of thing!! My Friday's is like visiting my family as I have been visiting these girls for years and years & we know one another well. They do a brilliant job with everything from cut, colour and blow dry/styling, they're the best (they truly are!!). They also offer make up artist and spray tanning plus's like a day spa. The team at Knotz Hair are super friendly, you will feel their beautiful happy vibe the minute you walk through their door. They're not pretentious, they're very real and their work is TOP QUALITY MINUS THE BIB PRICE TAG..they're so reasonable & affordable!!!

Knotz Hair have recently renovated their salon into a very beautiful and elegant space that makes Tor experience even more pleasurable. I always walk in all scruffy and walk out looking and feeling glamorous and fabulous!!

Thank you my Knotz Family ... I love your work (& you!)

Hair is now done, I'm now off to buy my sweet potato fries (my food indulgent treat ...I substitute it for potato fries as it's healthier option but so SINFULLY DELICIOUS).

Love - Kathy xx