Raising Awareness for Rare Diseases

Hi, my name is Renee ... Personal Assistant of OPA-cize™.  I am also Ambassador for Steve Waugh Foundation. My role as Ambassador is to help raise awareness of Rare Diseases. It's my privilege and goal to inspire people and to raise awareness of Rare disease. I'm involved in many exciting fundraisers, projects, talking at charity events, media & interviews for magazines. I want everyone working together to make a big difference to people like me living with a Rare Condition who don't get any help or support from anywhere else.

The Steve Waugh Foundation have helped many families living with a rare disease... Not only physically but mentally too by giving hope and strength! The Steve Waugh Foundation has not only helped many others but It has supported myself in an enormous way by making my life easier to live. One of the many things they have done for me is renovate my bathroom to suit my needs and provide independence. The biggest and best change is having a lower shower head and low sink that I am able to reach myself. Also throughout the house they have lowered all of the light switches for an easy reach. And one of the biggest things they have given me is the funding for my portable oxygen cylinders. Without these I'm not able to do my activities outside the home. Oxygen even though its just air it remains so expensive and hard for me and my family to afford.

The Steve Waugh Foundation helps keep me alive and gives me better quality of life. In return I agreed to be Ambassador of the foundation as this is something little I can give back to them. I know how much help and support we all need, so that's why the foundation is important to gain awareness globally. Lastly I would like the whole world to know that, "we are rare but equal no matter what!"

So this is me! Im Personal Assistant of OPA-cize™ & Ambassador for Steve Waugh Foundation... two jobs which I am blessed to be apart of and adore to bits! I also spend lots of time with family & friends as they are very important to me. My biggest inspiration is my mum! She plays a huge part in my life... My only strength that holds me up and is always by my side giving me the support to do what I love!