Penny's Repairs and Alterations

In this video we see Penny telling us about her local business, Pennys repairs and alterations! She can alter anything from trousers to the most complicated of wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses and more! With Celebs, budding brides and the lovely locals Penny has been serving the area with her sophisticated work for over ten years…..with a gorgeous smile everyday! 

Penny is the mother of UK Ambassador and Opa-cize instructor Marianna Neofitou. Penny loves Opa-cize and is committed to classes every week along with helping out at the door! She is a popular woman in the community and dearly loved for her services and welcoming feel to her shop. 

Marianna has chosen to dedicate her first blog on Pennys repairs as she is proud of her mothers success and inspired by the dedication and hard work!