My Psychic Medium Girlfriend

I have been close with my friend Deb for a long time, almost 10 years in fact! Not long ago I found out that she was a medium and was blown away...I couldn't believe she had kept it from me all these years!! I had no interest in seeing her as I'm interested in the spiritual world but I had a very different perception about what a medium did .... Until my beautiful sister suddenly died at the early hours of the morning whilst we were all asleep, Mary died in my parents backyard & hers was fast and very sudden - heart failure kills you instantly with only a few seconds between the onset and THE END... it was very confronting to see my sister lying in the backyard and in the position she was in! Besides the heartache and enormous grief that I can't articulate, we were left with so many questions.. How did she die? What happened? Was it murder? Was it suicide? What was this that and the other??? Why chairs in my parents yard were overturned and moved ??... nothing ever gets touched or moved in my parents house and yard, it's the same perfect way ALWAYS!! 

Deb was one of the first people I called that morning as I drove to my parents... I was a mess & just needed her reassurance - that she did. Days later Deb started giving me messages from Mary about stuff that was so very personal to me & no body knew ... I knew Mary has made contact with Deb. I made an appointment to see her and try to get some closure. 

My reading was like nothing I imagine, it was serene and very beautiful and I felt Mary there in a big way. Deb told me many things that I never knew and as I listened, I received the closure I very much needed. Through Deb I learnt that my sister is at peace now and happy and this makes life without her, as bitter as it is and as much as we miss her... we are at peace knowing she's in paradise and at peace. 

Deb is the real deal and what she tells you is very personal and spot on!! She is calm and because her heart and soul is SO BEAUTIFUL, you will feel at ease and at peace when you are with her. She won't talk to you about anything scary or horrific... she is a beautiful angel - she is my EARTH ANGEL!! 

If you would like to book to see Deb.. You can find her on Facebook DEB DA SILVA 
or "like" her page "medium Purple Heart" 
Or ring her 0421 661 363 for a booking - I can't recommend her enough for guidance and for connection to a loved one who has passed. 

I am very lucky to have her in my life ...she is my sanity, MY ANGEL!! 

Kathy xx