Healthy from within

I wish I could say I'm perfect and that I live a sugar free, carb free lifestyle ...but I don't - I love food and I have a sweet tooth + I have a HUGE relationship with carbs ..IM GREEK after all!!! I wish I could say weight management was super easy for me's not!! I struggle with weight gain due to menopause & if I so much as look at chocolate or a slice of bread, I gain weight.  I workout and stay fit but weight control and healthy living is 80% what you eat & 20% exercise, that's the math.  I can tell you this, I do live a 5.2 intermittent fasting lifestyle & it works for me as it reboots the body back into good working order & therefore helps control my crazy hormones that menopause can torture me with & it also keeps my health into good shape + it controls my weight as logistically my weekly calorie intake is lower when I fast that if I went through the week without fasting. On my non fast days I am free to eat as I choose & that includes a whole pizza if I like...I choose to eat clean, lean and Mediterranean as its the way my patents eat & their parents ate etc.. PLUS is delicious and super healthy!! I do substitute bread with rice cakes and low carb free bread, even gluten free bread & if I choose pasta I select gluten free or I will whip up "faux pasta" zucchini hoodies or sweet potato ribbons. I substitute a lot so that I don't go without and I always feel satisfied and I never feel hungry. I also choose to live a low sugar lifestyle as sugar is poison + carbs which concert to sugar and sugars feeds inflamation and exasperates it. I feel so alive and well living this way. 

Of course I have gone off trai over the years, but I love myself enough to get a grip of my life and my health and turn it back to being good for me - we all need to learn to love ourselves and respect ourselves as we are & strive for "the best version of ourselves" & not give into the harsh stereotypes and ridiculous expectations of how we should look according to society know what's best for you, so keep it real & keep it doable. OPACIZE™ strongly supports the Mediterranean lifestyle and diet + we have tweaked it a little here and there so that we do not miss out. Follow our VLOGS and our new nutrition tab we will add soon & start getting fit, healthy and happy from within :) 

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Kathy x