Join Team Adelaide Sophie, Katrina & Savoula for EUROCIZE fun - EUROCIZE is our diverse non Greek dance fitness program which consists of a great mix of ethnicities and genres - enjoy !  

During this global crisis, We are bringing you free OPACIZE express classes - please ensure you workout at your own pace, high or low impact  & stop if you feel you need to. Keep a towel & water handy.  If you have pre existing medical conditions, please ensure you receive medical clearance prior to working out with us.  IF YOU ARE NOT MEDICALLY ABLE TO PROCEED, PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED TO WORKOUT. BY PROCEEDING TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS EXPRESS CLASS YOU ARE ACCEPTING OUR CONDITIONS & YOU ARE DECLARING THAT YOU ARE FIT HEALTHY & GOOD TO GO - happy workout everyone! 

Our program & choreography is trademarked worldwide & may not be reproduced in any shape or form without written permission to