THE “BEBA” WALK was inspired when I met a widow at the cemetery whilst visiting my late sister and this lady lost her husband in his early 70’s and was missing him terribly – she has a big family of children and grandchildren, however she feels her husband’s void everyday and has shut herself off from the world, she is very sad and alone.  Her name is Beba, she is a very conservative lady who would never go out dancing for a workout or visit a gym to do a fitness class – this encounter got me thinking, “how many other people like Beba are out there? How many people shut themselves off from the world and are alone in their sadness?  How do I reach out to these people and help them meet other people and get them out into the community moving and living their best life?” The Beba walk is how we do it!!

THE “BEBA” WALK is a FREE walking club that is held on the last weekend of each month at various destinations around the world – it is led by OPACIZE™ Instructors who select to participate in this fun monthly activity/outing.  It is a way of bringing people who do not dance or workout at gyms, who are lonely due to the loss of a partner, family member etc.  We aim to reach out into our community away from our dance floor and get people out and spread the OPA love and joy that we feel at our classes.  We will walk for 45 minutes – 1 hour at a cruisy nice pace and we will finish off with a nice coffee catch up together.  This walk will take place at local parks, neighbourhoods, beaches etc. we will advise you monthly via our website

If you know someone who is alone or who wants to workout but doesn’t want to come and dance, or you own parents and family members who are wanting or need to get out and embrace life, invite them along and help us to add OPA HAPPINESS to those who need it.  If you are our class participants and you wish to attend, PLEASE DO!  The “Beba” Walk is for EVERYONE – ALL AGES AND ALL FITNESS LEVELS. 

For more info and details please ask your local OPACIZE™ instructor or email us: